Mule News: World Cup Fans Are Drinking Russia Dry

Apparently No One Knew Soccer Is More Fun To Watch After A Couple.

With the start of the World Cup, Russia is seeing hundred-of-thousands of fans flood their cities and streets, and it seems that many of them are demanding one thing: Beer.

Beer-guzzling soccer fans risk drinking parts of Moscow dry, with some bars and restaurants in the Russian capital saying they are running low and having to wait longer than usual for fresh supplies. This comes as a surprise to the Russians, seeing as their country (in defiance of global trends) has seen beer consumption drop by a full third in the last decade. Leave it to thirsty soccer fans to reduce this trend, and then some.

Moscow has been transformed by the World Cup, with singing, chanting and beer-swilling fans overwhelming some of the packed bars and restaurants around the Kremlin and Red Square.

In more positive news, for now vodka supplies appear to be unaffected.