Video: Ryan Reynolds Gives The Inside Scoop In New Aviation Gin Spot

Handsome & Hilarious

In a recently released video from Aviation Gin, the Canadian-born actor narrated a ‘marketing’ video for his increasingly appealing brand.

In the video he stated: “I take my responsibilities as owner of Aviation Gin seriously. This does not extend to our marketing, however, which I take as un-seriously as humanly possible”.

According to Reynolds, the ‘process’ begins each morning at 4am with the distilling team engaging in four hours of silent meditation.

He then reveals that the oranges used in the gin “are misted using only the tears of Aviation’s owner, me, Ryan Reynolds”.

Appealing to those concerned about botanical welfare, he confirms that all ingredients used are “humanely caught, cage-free and grain-fed”. Every bottle, apparently, is also ordained by the Unitarian Church of Fresno, California and serenaded by the music of Sarah McLachlan.

Reynolds bought a “significant” stake in Aviation Gin in February this year and has appeared on programmes including Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in his role as brand owner and creative direc