Mule News: Vermont Gold Is Vodka Distilled From Maple Sugar

Proof That There's No Shortage Of Things You Can't Turn Into Delicious Vodka

With Fall fast approaching, it’s not uncommon for thoughts to turn towards changing leaves, crisp mornings and yes, even Vodka.

Vermont Spirits, a small-batch distillery located in Quechee, Vermont, has emerged with Vermont Gold, a beautifully crisp vodka distilled from the sugary sap of the maple tree.

Now, this isn’t to say that this is some run-of-the-mill maple-flavored vodka. It is as pure and true to form as any rye or potato vodka, merely distilled using the sweet sap that nature provides as fuel for their yeast. Batch-distilled in a glass fractional column and lightly filtered to allow the distinctive quality of the maple fermentation to shine through in the finished vodka, this is one of our new favorites. Served chilled, straight-up, the discerning palate can detect an ethereal note of sweetness on the finish, a subtle nod to the sugary liquid that started it all.