Mule News: Two Roots Brings Cannabis Craft Beer To The Masses

Dave's Not Here, Man.

With cannabis emerging as a potential huge new market for consumers, it’s no surprise that many alcohol companies are either solidifying their defenses, or in the case of Two Roots, getting in on the action.

Two Roots will be launching six beer styles, including an IPA, Blonde ale, wheat beer, lager and stout. A special “Tribute” beer will follow soon-after, tasting of cannabis and perhaps ushering in a new style of beer to rival the popularity of IPAs, dense as they are with hops, a cousin to cannabis.

The scheme comes from San Diego-based Cannabiniers, a self-described “foodservice, technology & brand management company… revolutionizing the cannabis industry with patented, safe and natural flower-based extraction technology.” The drinks are said to be micro-infused, with the effects coming on in 5-10 minutes then dissipating within two hours or less. Such rapid onset is meant to replicate the quick effects of alcohol.

There’s just one catch with this beer: it doesn’t contain any alcohol.

Due to regulations, you can have a drink with alcohol, or a drink with THC, but you can’t have both.

Two Roots beers will first launch in Nevada on an unspecified date in July, followed by release in all states in which cannabis is legal.