Top 10 Most Valuable Beer Brands In The World

When it comes to calculating the Top 10 Most Valuable Beer Brands in the world, we leave it to the number crunchers. Each year, accounting firm Brand Finance compares the revenues the world’s largest beverage companies make from their brands to determine which have the most influence and recognition around the world.

In the ranking, value is understood as the “net economic benefit that a brand owner would achieve by licensing the brand in the open market.” This is calculated by both estimating a proportion of parent company’s annual revenues attributable to a brand, and also forecasting revenues by taking into consideration historic revenues, equity analyst forecasts, and economic growth rates. It might all sound very complex, but it’s basically just a way of finding out which beer represents the ‘total package’ of brand, popularity, and market share.

So let’s look at what suds are dominating global palates this year.

10. Guinness

9. Skol

8. Brahma

7. Snow

6. Corona

5. Kirin

4. Harbin

3. Heineken

2. Bud Light

1. Budweiser