Top 10 Grain Vodkas

A New Look At The Style That Won The World’s Heart

What's the Best Grain Vodka? Here Are Our Favorite Grain Vodkas

In many ways, American vodka lovers have grain to thank as they walk down the abundantly alcoholic aisles of their local liquor store, because it was the emergence of exceptionally smooth, mixable, and (relatively) inexpensive grain vodkas that won the hearts of drinkers in the U.S. This wasn’t the jet-fuel homemade vodka is Eastern Europe, this was a more refined and accessible product.

As the craft spirits movement emerges as a major force driving today`s drinking preferences, grain vodkas are often overlooked as pedestrian options when placed on the shelf next to more exotic fair, but the fact of the matter is that grain vodkas are as interesting an nuanced as ever.
Here are 10 of our favorite grain vodkas out there today.

1. 42 Below: All the way from New Zealand, this wheat vodka is crafted from non-GMO ingredients and filtered an astonishing 35-times for one of the cleanest-tasting options on the market.

2. LoneWolf Vodka: If you`re a beer drinker then you’ll know that these Scottish distillers are actually the braintrust of craft beer darling BrewDog. Using the world`s only remaining triple-bubble still, this vodka is only filtered once to retain the essence of the ingredients. From a flavor perspective it’s about as interesting as a grain vodka gets.

3. Ramsbury Vodka:
Distilled in England, Ramsbury takes locally-sourced to a new level, with each bottle label outlining the exact region and farm that the wheat was harvested from. So the dedicated drinker might be interested in hosting a taste test to see if grain separated by a few counties truly affects the flavor.

4. Winter Palace: Though Grey Goose might be the kind of french ultra-premium vodkas, there are plenty of other fantastic options coming out of the country. Crafted from pure grain, this vodka is six-times distilled to create an exceptionally smooth drink that’s perfect for your favorite cocktail, or just enjoyed straight up.

5. Kauffman: Made in the old-school Russian style, this vodka is distilled from only the finest wheat, sourced from all over the country. If the wheat doesn`t meat the master distillers liking, then NO vodka is produced in that given harvest year. Fourteen times distilled and filtered twice, this is a serious spirit.

6. ID Black Onyx: Vodka production isn`t just for those in northern climates, as this Egyptian offering will attest. Triple distilled from barley and rye, this vodka has a smooth taste and a slightly peppery finish that lingers on the tongue.

7. Adnam`s Longshore Vodka: Crafted in England, this spirit uses the usual barley and wheat, but with the added element of oats. It’s the introduction of this cereal grain that gives this vodka a smooth warming finish that many describe as `toasted’.

8. Wheatley: Made under specific supervising distillers that each have their own label applied to their own batches, this wheat-based offering is distilled ten times before being filtered and bottled. Given all the work that goes into it it`s a small wonder all they ask of you, the drinker, is that you enjoy it.

9. Viru Valge: Emerging from the small Baltic State of Estonia, this premium vodka reflects the small country`s embrace of technology, using ultra-modern carbon filtration systems to produce the purest, more uniform vodka possible. So what is make lack in more artistic distillation methods, it makes up for in exceptional purity.

10. Snow Queen: This Kazakhstani vodka is distilled five-times from 100% organic wheat, for an award-winning result. Our only recommendation is that during a tasting you serve this first, because no one is going to be able to say “Kazakhstani` after a few drinks.