Mule News: Tinley Releases Cannabis-Infused Moscow Mule

A Cocktail Perfect For Those That Are 'California Sober'

Anyone paying attention to the spirits business has no doubt come to realize that the newly emerging cannabis-infused segment has the potential to be enormous.

With that in mind, Toronto-based Tinley has released a cannabis-infused version of the Moscow Mule, dubbed the “Flying Mule”. This new cocktail, which is alcohol-free and made with authentic ginger extracts and other flavors and spices, gets its kick from a buzzy cannabis-infusion.

Each bottle of Flying Mule will contain 10mg of THC, which the Company believes provides a similar intensity of effect a single serving of alcohol-based Moscow Mule cocktails, though with a Pineapple Jack Sativa to deliver a social, euphoric cannabis experience. The “Flying Mule” is a natural extension to the Company’s alcohol-free, cannabis-infused margarita, which is made with extracts, flavors and spices found in margarita cocktails, along with 10mg of THC and Pineapple Jack Sativa effect.

These cocktails can now be found across Canada, and in the U.S. states of California and Colorado.