The Best Alcohol-Free Beers

For When You Crave Hops, But Not Getting Hammered

Alcohol-Free Beer is a unique and rapidly growing segment of the market. Depending on your age, it may conjure up thoughts of lacklustre grocery store brands with a watered-down thinly grassy taste. You couldn’t even really say that they tasted like beer, they were more like an ‘idea’ of what beer is, three, four or five times removed.

But today, it’s a fast-growing segment of the market as drinkers look to something that genuinely tastes like beer, but without the calories and intoxicating effects.

So let’s take a further look at some of the tastiest new options out there.

1. Becks Non-Alcoholic: This has long been one of the best non-alcoholic beers out there. It’s arguably the veteran of the field, when it comes to actually trying to replicate the taste and packaging of a true beer.

2. Heineken 0.0: A new offering in the field, this is probably the most-popular non-alcoholic option out there right now. The branding is slick, and the taste is fantastic.

3. Coors Edge: Though Coors can never be said to be a fully-flavored beer on the best of days, their Edge offering is a pretty close approximation of what their full-alcohol products taste like.

4. Budweiser Prohibition Ale: Where some non-alcoholic beers seek to mimic the look and feel of a real beer, Bud’s Prohibition Ale does the opposite. Though the design of the can may be similar to Budweiser, the blacked-out branding makes a strong statement about the sober state of the drinker.

5. Peroni Libera: The sinless brew is made with the same Nostrano dell’Isola maize unique to Peroni Nastro Azzurro, while a dedicated yeast strain helps to impart its citrusy aromas and hoppy characteristics. It then undergoes a “special decoction” process, allowing the liquid to retain its flavour while removing its alcohol content.