Mule News: Skyy Infusions Launches Cold Brew Coffee Vodka

Now If Only It Had Caffeine

Available now, Skyy Infusions Cold Brew Coffee has been infused with Arabica coffee beans, giving the vodka a “mild, sweet and less bitter coffee taste”.

The new vodka taps into the trend for cold brew coffee, particularly among a “brunch-focused generation”, which is definitely not a term someone from said generation came up with.

Skyy Infusions Cold Brew Coffee is said to be best served in coffee-inspired cocktails, on the rocks or in a Martini. It is recommended for occasions such as brunches, barbecues, summer parties and after-work drinks.

The Infusions line was first launched in 2008 to offer vodkas made with more “natural” flavors.

The new variant joins the brand’s existing Infusions flavored line, which includes Sun-Ripened Watermelon, Citrus, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Bartlett Pear, Honeycrisp Apple, Tropical Mango, Texas Grapefruit, Pacific Blueberry, Georgia Peach, Vanilla Bean, Wild Strawberry, Cherry, and Raspberry.

Bottled at 35% abv, Skyy Infusions Cold Brew Coffee is available for an RRP of US$13.99 per 750ml and US$16.99 per one-liter bottle. It can be purchased in retail stores and cocktail bars across the US.