Learn why a pure copper mug defeats a typical cocktail glass when it comes to temp, taste and overall experience.

T H E    B A S I C S


Highly Conductive Pure Copper Mug + Ice Cubes

The contact points between the ice and the copper mug instantly begin to battle. The ice tries to make the copper colder, the copper tries to make the ice warmer.

The vodka ends the battle by creating a greater contact area with the copper, and the mug rapidly begins to chill.

Adding the ginger beer and lime juice to the mug completes the chilling process.

Now you have a very cold copper mug that keeps your Moscow Mule much colder, much longer than your typical glass or ceramic drinking vessel.

S T A Y I N G    C O L D

C O P P E R    V S    N O N - C O P P E R

Pure copper is nearly 400 times more thermally conductive than glass. This is why it get’s so cold, so fast compared to your typical cocktail glass.

Here’s why it stays colder, longer.

Exceptionally reflective of radiant heat.

In order for radiant heat transfer to take place, it needs to be able to be absorbed by that material.

Scientific testing performed by mechanical, Brandon Larson, showed that a glass vessel had an emissivity of around .93 (where 1 is the max, also known as a Black Body) and it absorbs lots of thermal radiation. On the other hand, copper has an emissivity of .05.

The copper mug will reflect radiant heat while the glass or ceramic vessel will absorb it.
Keep your hands warm and your drink cold.

A well-designed copper mug will have a large but thin handle to hold the drink, unlike your typical cocktail glass. Reducing the points of contact from warm hands limits the amount of heat that can be thermally transferred from your body to your drink. Cocktail glasses don’t allow you to hold a beverage without slowly robbing it of it’s ice cold deliciousness.

F L A V O R    E N H A N C E R

Y E S , C O P P E R    M A K E ' S    I T    T A S T E    B E T T E R

The Moscow Mule was designed to taste its’ best when ice cold.

The colder the Mule, the more balanced, fizzier and bolder the flavor. The pure copper mug ensures that your Moscow Mule reaches it’s coldest potential instantly upon its’ creation. The construction of the mule is a well-rounded combination of three acidic ingredients - vodka, ginger beer and lime juice. A warmer mule will seem to taste more acidic and a bit sweeter, dulling the signature ginger flavor of the traditional Moscow Mule. Copper also contributes to the influx of degassing carbonation (bubbles fizzing and bursting) that burst aromatic bubbles of refreshing lime and ginger fragrances.

Pure copper mugs increase the electrical conductivity of the Moscow Mule ingredients.

The electrical conduction from a pure copper mug has been proven to interact with the pH levels of it’s ingedients, - vodka, ginger beer and lime juice - thus increasing their Total Dissolved Solids or TDS.

The TDS measurement represents the dissolved substances - such as flavor carrying salts, minerals, etc - within a liquid.

When tested, the copper mug contributed to a slight increase in TDS to all ingredients, whereas the non-copper vessel showed no impact on the number of TDS in each ingredient.

T H E    E X P E R I E N C E

E V E R Y T H I N G    C O M B I N E D

A pure copper mug is a magnificant vessel for all drinks, but it is the only vessel for the Moscow Mule.

When people order a Moscow Mule at the bar, they’re not just ordering a cocktail - they’re ordering an experience, a conversation starter, and a bold, yet simple combination of flavors that can be enjoyed ice cold, much longer than the typical cocktail.

The Moscow Mule experience ignites all five senses.

The pure copper mug is a work of art in itself and no one has perfected its' craftmanship quite like the team at Moscow Copper Co. Beautiful, polished copper is an eye catcher in any room.

Being highly conductive, the copper mug chills rapidly upon contact with ice and the ingredients of the Moscow Mule. As soon as you pick up your mule, you’ll feel the huge difference in temperature when compared to your typical cocktail. Going beyond your hands, every sip you take of your Moscow Mule will be greeted with the chilling refreshingness of the chilled copper mug which leads us to...

It’s no secret that the Moscow Mule is absolutely delicious with it’s mildly sweet, somewhat spicy, with a hint of tang, bold flavor. It’s become a favorite for bar goers and in-home cocktail crafters around the globe.

The fizzy bubbles produced by the copper mug and ginger beers’ carbonation reaction spew fragrant gasses into the air that you can smell as you go to take a sip of your mule.

If you were to listen closely in a quiet room, you’d be able to hear the carbonation as it releases those fragrant gasses.

Moscow Mule history is as rich as its’ copper enhanced flavor.

The Moscow Mule drink is a great conversational drink. From the scientifically debunked debate on whether pure coppers affects the flavor of the Moscow Mule ingredients, to the early 1900’s when Sophie Berezinski crafted the first Moscow Mule mug, to the simplicity of a balanced recipe, there’s something you can share with your friends, family, or new friend you meet at the bar.

To get the full rundown of Copper Science and it’s effects on the Moscow Mule drink, head over to Moscow Copper Co., where you can check out and purchase their cocktail book Mulehead.