Mule News: Ryan Reynolds Gets Into The Gin Business

Actor Cites 'Vodka Fatigue' & A Love Of Botanicals

In recent years, there have been a lot of actors getting into the premium alcohol market – most notably, George Clooney and his blockbuster investment in Casamigos – so it should come as no surprise that Ryan Reynolds has thrown his hat into the ring. His purchase? An ownership stake in Portland, Oregon’s Aviation Gin.

Though some might balk at the idea of a celebrity having anything but a passing financial stake in a distillery, the charm of Reynolds’ approach to his new role is admirable. Among the quotes in his automated email response from the company are:

– “I don’t know whose idea it was to allow me into the gin business, but I can assure you, there are smarter, more reasonable people in charge.”
– “My responsibilities here at the company are vast. I’ll spend my days being photographed intermittently clinching my jaw muscles while pointing at things and nodding. I’ll drink Aviation Gin. I’ll sit in board meetings, imagining my very own Red Wedding.”
– “About a year ago, I tried Aviation for the first time. Since that day, I’ve spent my time finding some way to infiltrate the company. I did this for one simple reason: It’s the best damn gin on the planet. Period.”

Though as of yet it’s unclear exactly – if any – role he’ll be playing in the company beyond signing checks or posing for said photos, it’s definitely a coup for the craft distiller. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Deadpool chugging a bottle or two in his upcoming film.