Irish Mule Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day Or Any Day

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Refreshing Golden Irish Mule Recipe for Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday traditionally celebrated in honor to St. Patrick, that also now masks as a great excuse to starting drinking your favorite beverage recipes before noon, is just around the corner.

Liquor enthusiasts rejoice!

And while you’re getting excited,  please, for the sake of all respectable alcohols in existence, also cancel that order for the green beer keg you bought online for your party.

We all know drinking a few pints of that awful stuff only ends in regret, green vomit, and then some more regret.


This year, instead of the green beer, we encourage you to impress your St. Patrick’s Day party guests with a drink that’s fit for a more sophisticated and classy palate–the Golden Irish Mule.

This beverage, mixed with bold Irish whisky, crisp bubbly ginger beer, lime juice, is sure to please any party crowd.

The most fun part?

This recipe comes with a golden surprise for every moscow mule drinker who attends your party–golden ice cubes and a golden rimmed mug!

After all, what’s St. Patrick’s day without a little leprechaun gold?

Irish Mule Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day Or Any Day

The best part…adding a gold shimmer to your cocktail is easy to do! Oh, and don’t worry, gold is an inert metal, meaning it isn’t absorbed by the digestive system and is safely passed through.

Ensure your party is a hit and discover how to add a little gold to your mule with the golden mule cocktail and gold leaf ice cube recipe below!

Here’s the recipe…

Golden Irish Mule Recipe

Irish Mule Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day Or Any Day

Irish Mule Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day Or Any Day


  • Irish whiskey
  • ginger beer
  • limes
  • edible gold leaf
  • silicone ice cube trays (bonus points for fun shapes!)


Step 1: Make your golden ice cubes. For larger ice cube trays, place one sheet of gold at the bottom of each mold and gently fill with water. For smaller trays, fill with water first and place the gold sheets on top of the water so that the gold grabs on. Place trays in the freezer until thoroughly frozen.

Step 2: Prepare your copper mugs by using a moist paper towel to dampen the rims then gently place flakes of the edible gold leafing on them.

Step 3: Once the ice has frozen, add a few of those golden ice cubes to a copper mug. Over the ice, pour one oz. Irish whiskey. Fill with ginger beer and squeeze in half a lime. Garnish with a lime wedge. As the ice melts, expect to see lots of golden flecks floating around in your cocktail!