Mix It Up: Moscow Copper’s Recommended Whiskey Ginger Recipe

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What’s better than savoring the flavor profile of a zesty, spicy, and warm slice of ginger or indulging in a mouthful of malty, nutty, and oaky flavored whiskey?

Easy. Combining both whiskey and ginger to make one of the most popular drink recipes…the Whiskey Ginger.

Mix a batch of these famous cocktails up for your next cocktail party, and we guarantee they will be a hit.

The best part…

Even the most novice drink mixer can make a perfect Whiskey Ginger as it’s comprised of only 3 classic ingredients: ginger ale, whiskey, and lime.

Here’s how it’s done.

Whiskey Ginger Recipe

Mix It Up: Moscow Copper’s Recommended Whiskey Ginger Recipe


  • 2-3 ounces whiskey
  • Ginger ale
  • Lime wedge


  1. Fill a mug, preferably a copper mug to keep your drink cold, with ice. [Link to https://moscowcopper.com/collections/shop]
  2. Pour whiskey into the mug.
  3. Top with ginger ale.
  4. Squeeze and float a lime wedge in the mug.
  5. Enjoy!

Recipe source: https://www.garnishwithlemon.com/ginger-whiskey-cocktail/

See how easy that was?

The only question you might have now is, “What type of whiskey should I use to make the perfect Whiskey Ginger?”

The answer: It’s really up to you and your taste preferences.

Here are a few whiskey varieties that we recommend…

Malt Whiskey

Malt whiskey is one of the highest quality whiskeys and is predominantly produced in Scotland. Traditional malt whiskey is only made from malted barley and has to be distilled in pot stills.

Because it’s made from malted barley, this whiskey variety tends to have a “smoky peat” flavor.

Fun fact: Single malt whiskey is malt whiskey from a single distillery–whiskey that is distilled from fermented mash made exclusively with malted grain.

Grain Whiskey

Grain whiskey is whiskey that is not made from malted barley. This type of whiskey is mainly produced in Scotland and Ireland.

It can be made with any type of grain and may also be made with a mixture of different grains. Most commonly, grain whiskey’s are made from wheat grain, since wheat offers a higher utilisatio level than corn.

Grain whiskey tends to be nearly flavorless. In fact, the flavor is so mild that it most closely represents the flavor of vodka.

Blended Whiskey

Blended Whiskey contains a variety of different whiskeys…both malt and grain. The flavor profile of a blended whiskey is determined by the ratio of whiskeys from different distilleries, since each distillery produces different flavors.

The majority of blended whiskeys contain more grain whiskey than malt whiskey. For this reason, the flavor of a blended whiskey tends to be soft, subtle, and smooth.

Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey

As a liquor lover, you may have heard the saying, “All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon.”

Confusing right? Let’s simplify this for you…

Bourbon can be produced anywhere in the United States, but it is primarily made in Kentucky. And the only difference between bourbon and whiskey is that bourbon must contain at least 51% corn.

The rest is a mixture of some barley for the fermentation process, as well as rye and/or wheat.

According to U.S. law, a no age statement bourbon must be aged for at least 4 years in barrels made from American white oak. A finish or extra maturation, similar to Scotch whiskey is not allowed.

Tennessee Whiskey differs from bourbon because it is charcoal-filtered before it is filled into barrels for the fermentation process.

Most bourbon has a grainy flavor profile that contains hints of caramel, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

When it comes to whiskey, you really can’t go wrong. So pick a variety that sounds good to you, mix up a drink in a Moscow Copper mug, and enjoy!