Profile: Born And Bred American Craft Vodka

Before there was a bottle, a label or a Jackalope, Born and Bred was an experiment embarked upon by Channing Tatum and Jack Maloney. Their thought was that contrary to popular belief, the best vodka in the world was created here in the United States. Their goal was to find the finest clear spirit America had to offer. They searched far and wide and ultimately found themselves at home with the family owned and operated Grand Teton Distillery in Driggs, ID.

Founded in 2011, the Grand Teton Distillery has received numerous accolades for their spirits. Master Distiller John Boczar uses local Idaho potatoes and crystal water from the Grand Teton mountains to craft a full bodied, flavorful vodka. The vodka is then distilled 20 times over for unparalleled smoothness and character.

Born and Bred compliments any cocktail or simply pour some over ice and enjoy.