Mule Talk Holiday Episode


Learn how to make the ultimate festive cocktail – the Cranberry Mule-mosa – for all your entertaining needs this holiday season. JJ and Tyler also have some great gift ideas for any Mulehead on your list.

JJ Resnick: What’s going on Tyler?

Tyler Ondatje: What’s going on JJ? Cheers man.

JJ Resnick: Just another week, except it’s the holidays.

Tyler Ondatje: Holidays.

JJ Resnick: Welcome to another edition of Mule Talk, I’m JJ and this is Tyler. It’s just the two of us like always. We just got through Thanksgiving, you have a good one?

Tyler Ondatje: Yeah. I worked, I was working the day but I was a good Thanksgiving. Went well and it was a nice little banquet event that I bartended at.

JJ Resnick: Cool, nice. I just went down to visit the family, down in Palm Springs. Got to play a little golf, which was great.

Tyler Ondatje: Sweet.

JJ Resnick: My Black Friday was out at Bighorn in Palm Desert. For those of you who don’t know anything about Bighorn, that place is unbelievable. They just built a new clubhouse out there, and it’s supposed to be the best clubhouse in the world they say. Place has a freaking Rolex dealer inside the golf shop area.

Tyler Ondatje: No way. Did you get any Rolexs for Black Friday?

JJ Resnick: No. The wife might not be too happy if I did that, especially with the baby on the way.

Tyler Ondatje: Oh yeah, that’s true. Congratulations by the way.

JJ Resnick: Thank you. There’s no more Christmas for me anymore, it’s all about the little guy, little Jack. It’s definitely an interesting change, but I love it. The wife’s just every day looking for Christmas presents for the little guy and he’s not even here yet. He’ll be celebrating his first Christmas in the womb with probably a tree full of gifts.

That’s how she does it, but can’t complain. Other than that, what else is new?

Tyler Ondatje: Nothing much. Just been working, the bar’s been good. Selling a lot of Mules, and now the holidays are coming around, people are drinking a little bit more. It’s getting colder over here in Santa Barbara, so people are coming over and sitting at the bar a little bit more often than they were in the summertime.

JJ Resnick: You’re going to get your ass kicked by all these people out in Chicago man. It’s cold in Santa Barbara.

Tyler Ondatje: I’m from Hawaii, man. It’s cold for a kid from Hawaii.

JJ Resnick: When Tyler says cold in Santa Barbara, we’re talking it dropped to 62 last night. We’re talking throw the sweaters, the North Face coats on, and get ready to go trekking. Right?

Tyler Ondatje: Yes.

JJ Resnick: Let’s get right down to business. I know in the past, during the holidays I’ve always been looking for some unique cocktail. Everybody makes their peppermint schnapps around the holidays, or whatever it may be.
We wanted to come out with something a little bit different that our listeners can just have something great to blow their party guests away with. What did you come up with for us this week?

Tyler Ondatje: This week we did the Mule-Mosa. That’s your cranberry Mule-Mosa, there’s no vodka in this one, it’s champagne based.

JJ Resnick: Oh, cranberry.

Tyler Ondatje: Yeah, cranberry. We’re using fresh cranberry, fresh cranberry juice. We’re just taking cranberry juice, cranberry, a little bit of sugar, lime, and champagne and top it with the ginger beer. It’s nice, light, refreshing.
It’s not too heavy. If you’re having family over for the holidays, not everyone wants everyone to be wasted, the whole family wasted at the house.

JJ Resnick: I don’t know about your family.

Tyler Ondatje: We do a champagne, a little more mellow. People can have multiple Mules and you know, none of that deal. It turned out great.

JJ Resnick: We’re going to show everyone how to make this thing?

Tyler Ondatje: We’re going to show a clip for everyone how to make it, list the ingredients.

JJ Resnick: Let’s show them all how to make it.

Tyler Ondatje: Cool, absolutely.

Okay, the Mule-Mosa. We have sparkling wine, cranberry juice, simple syrup, fresh limes, and ginger beer. We’re going to use about 3-4 ounces of sparkling wine. Depending on your preference guys, you can use Prosecco or champagne; it doesn’t matter as long as you’re using sparkling wine.
We’re going to use about 2 ounces of cranberry juice, go ahead and add that in there. About half an ounce of simple syrup, simple syrup guys is just sugar and water reduced down.

Fresh lime juice, it is crucial in all of your Mules that you use fresh limes. The recipe calls for about an ounce, but in this case I am using a whole lime. Depending again on your preference, you can change that up. If you want it more tart, use a little more lime. We’re going to top it off with ginger beer.
Go ahead and give all of these components a nice little stir, get all the ingredients working nicely together. Then we’re going to go ahead and just garnish fresh cranberries, a fresh sprig of rosemary, and a lime wedge. That’s it, your Mule-Mosa.

JJ Resnick: Well shit, you all know how to make the cranberry Mule-Mosa now. Why don’t you go start making some Mules, and you don’t even need vodka for this one. We’ve got plenty of it here, as you can see.

Tyler Ondatje: We’ve got plenty of vodka.

JJ Resnick: We should have stocked it up with bottle of Dom back there for this theme. We ran out of our budget just getting the mic here, so we might be awhile. We need to get some more likes on the podcast here before we can fill this thing up with Dom. Make sure to like the podcast.

Tyler Ondatje: A reminder to everyone too, when you’re making the Mule-Mosa never sacrifice any of the ingredients for lower quality ingredients. Always use fresh local ingredients. We want you to use fresh lime juice, it makes a huge difference in your Mules.
Any of these recipes in the future coming up or anything that we have featured, we’re always using fresh ingredients. It’s really important to go with the season and use things that are in season and use the freshest quality that you can, really makes a difference in your cocktail. That’s another important reminder to everyone out there.

JJ Resnick: Just thought of something, we’ve got as copy of Mulehead up here. While you’re teaching, the cranberry Mule-Mosa’s a new cocktail of yours, isn’t it?

Tyler Ondatje: It is a new cocktail of ours.

JJ Resnick: We don’t have that in the Mulehead in this edition. You can find it online of course here on the site, on While you’re going to these holiday parties, this is a great gift, perfect host or hostess gift. Just pick up, it’s about 240 pages, beautiful coffee table book.

Tyler Ondatje: It is a beautiful coffee table book.

JJ Resnick: Of course, you’ve got 75 additional Mule recipes in here using every liquor you can imagine. We’re going to have some fun going through this book.

Tyler Ondatje: Absolutely.

JJ Resnick: I’m going to have some fun having you make these Mules.

Tyler Ondatje: I’m excited about it. What else we got on the website JJ for the holiday specials?

JJ Resnick: Of course, we have all our traditional bar tools that we produce and manufacture. We’ve got our new flask, this thing is badass. Take a look at this.

Tyler Ondatje: Nice.

JJ Resnick: That’s the brand new version. Let’s see, we shrunk it down about almost two inches, about an inch and a half.
For those of you who have our first edition flask, we wanted to make something that could just easily slide right into a breast pocket or right in your back pocket. Just throw it in and go to those concerts, ball games, or even just to church on Sunday.

Tyler Ondatje: Take your Mule to church.

JJ Resnick: We don’t recommend taking your Mule to church.

Tyler Ondatje: Sorry, absolutely not.

JJ Resnick: We get a little carried away sometimes here on Mule Talk. We won’t tell anybody if you do.
Other than that, I hope everybody has a great holiday season. Stock up on your copper, have plenty of Mules. We’ll see you next week when we’ve got something else to talk to you about.

Tyler Ondatje: Cheers.

JJ Resnick: Cheers.