Mule News: Now You Can Buy The Alcohol They Remove From Kombucha

Aqua Vodka, a product developed by Aqua ViTea, a Vermont-based kombucha company, is the spirit in question. It came about when Aqua ViTea was looking for ways to eliminate the alcohol that’s present in kombucha. Yes, the drink itself is naturally boozy due to the fact that it’s fermented — there’s usually just a small amount of alcohol in it, but it’s enough to worry some consumers and to cause regulatory headaches for those wanting to sell it.

When Aqua ViTea found a solution — think an alcohol-removing gizmo called a spinning cone column — it was left with another challenge. Namely, what to do with the booze that was spun off. “Rather than letting it go to waste we decided to upcycle it,” says Peter White, a brand manager behind the vodka.

Thus, AquaViTea partnered with the Appalachian Gap Distillery, a Vermont-based spirits company, on making Aqua Vodka.

The Aqua ViTea team admits the spirit doesn’t taste like kombucha per se. After all, the distillation process involved in making vodka is about removing much of the flavor. Still it’s a pretty interesting way to take a byproduct and turn it into a product.