Mule News: There’s A Salt-Flavored Vodka Now

Because Normal Vodka Wasn't Dehydrating Enough?

As anyone that has strolled down the vodka aisle lately knows, they flavor vodka with almost anything these days.

Including, apparently, salt.

From US-based Sazerac Co. (think the maker’s of Pappy Van Winkle), comes two versions of vodka flavored with salt. A Himalayan Pink Salt version and a Smoked Sea Salt Version. Though we’re suspicious of how these products might taste, there is actually some pretty strong arguing for their creation.

Salt is a natural flavor enhancer, it’s a taste that humans seek out and there’s an argument that adding this salted vodka to your cocktails would make them taste a lot better than without (anyone that’s spent time in southern climates has probably seen locals give a few shakes of salt into their cerveza).

The flip side of the argument is that, since the salt here is really only an additive and not part of the distilling process, you could just buy a cheaper non-salted vodka and give a very tiny pinch of sea salt to your cocktail when you mix it.

We’ll let you decide.