Mule News: OUR/Vodka Opens New York Distillery

The First In Manhattan Since Prohibition

Though outfits in Brooklyn and on Long Island have been making the case for New York’s distilling prowess for a number of years now, Our/New York will be the first distillery in Manhattan proper since the dark days of Prohibition. Opening to the public this Friday, the copper pot still, sits behind the spacious bar so that drinkers can get a true sense of just how their tipple is crafted.

The distillery is part of OUR/Vodka, which makes city-specific spirits (Amsterdam, Berlin, Detroit, London and Los Angeles). All are small-batch distilleries that depend mostly on the local water to imbue their respective notes of difference. The New York vodka clocks in at 80=proof and will be served in cocktails at the bar and also sold in bottles at local shops. A 100-proof version for the brave will available only at the distillery.

151 West 26th Street (Seventh Avenue)
New York, New York