Mule News: Lagunitas Bets Big On Cannabis Beer

Bottom's Up.

Over two decades ago Tony Magee, the founder of Lagunitas Brewing, famously said, “It takes a lot of good weed to make great beer.”

Hi-F Hops is a new brew from Lagunitas Brewing and is described as an IPA-inspired sparkling beverage made using everything Lagunitas knows about hops, but with zero alcohol, zero calories, and zero carbs. The brew is infused with THC from the finest, sun-grown cannabis using extract from AbsoluteXtracts. This marks the first time a major brewery has released a THC-infused beverage. It is available in two intensities: 5.5 mg and 10 mg per 12-oz can.

At this time, it is available at cannabis dispensaries in California. No word yet on plans to export it to other weed-legal states like Washington. Crossing state lines with such a product might be tricky, but Lagunitas does have a prodcution facility in Washington now. As this market grows, we can only expect players big and small to try and grab a piece of the ‘pot pie’.