Mule News: Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp-Infused Rum

Another Step In The CBD-Infused Beverage Market

Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum is infused with natural hemp and CBD (cannabidiol), said to give the spirit hints of “cola, coffee, hops and pine with a grassy herbal back note”.

Lucy Cottrell, brand manager for Dead Man’s Fingers, said: “Flavoured and spiced is the fastest-growing rum sub-category, driven by penetration of younger consumers, yet almost a quarter of rum drinkers are frustrated with lack of choice, the highest out of all spirits categories.

“As a brand, Dead Man’s Fingers has always been about challenging category norms and innovating. Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum is an exceptional spirit that pushes the boundaries where others haven’t dared and fulfils rum drinkers’ very clear expectations for something more exciting and experimental.

“With this launch Dead Man’s Fingers will bring fun back to a category, which has become stale in recent years.”

One concerning fact is that there seems to be little-to-no information on how much CBD the product actually contains. At this point we suspect it’s about novelty more than actual medicinal benefits.

Joining the brand’s coconut, coffee and spiced rums, Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum is bottled at 40% abv and is available in a 700ml format.