Mule News: CANTEEN Sparkling Vodka Soda

The Canned Cocktail Is Taking Over The World

Serial beverage innovators from Austin, Texas are making moves once again. Founders Brandon Cason (Waterloo Sparkling Water & Deep Eddy Vodka), Daniel Barnes (Waterloo Sparkling Water & Treaty Oak Distilling) and Caroline Fabacher are excited to unveil CANTEEN, a sparkling vodka soda lineup made with all-natural flavors but without sugar (0 grams), carbs (0 grams), or sodium (0 grams). Better still, each can contains only 99 calories. CANTEEN will be a driver in the “ready to drink” (“RTD”) category as it looks to launch at a $12.99 retail price point which is a clear value to consumers.

Launching this Fall, CANTEEN is a 5% ABV beverage in the convenience of a standard 12 oz. can that delivers a premium, fresh taste without the nutritional facts consumers want to avoid. The debut line up of all-American flavors will include Black Cherry, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Lime, and Cucumber Mint. Sold in 6-packs, CANTEEN will hit stores this fall, just in time for tailgate season.