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Unique client gifts

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your clients, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Today, the Internet gives us endless options to choose from at the mere click of a button. Although we may be a bit biased here at, we’d venture to suggest that a cocktail-related gift is the perfect way to thank the folks that keep you in business.

Here is a list of some of our favorite client gift ideas — no matter your budget — for this holiday season and beyond:




Unique client gifts: 100% Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug, from The Originators of the Moscow Mule MugMoscow Mule Gift Sets - For Every Budget

100% Original Copper Moscow Mule Mug ($35-49 retail, $15.90-18.90 wholesale)Moscow Mule Gift Sets - For Every Budget

Moscow Mules are taking the world by storm right now, so it’s only natural that every good client has the perfect vessel to enjoy this popular cocktail in. Moscow Copper Co. boasts the original copper mug that was brought over from Russia more than 75 years ago, available in the classic smooth finish or a textured hammered finish. You can even choose to personalize your clients’ mugs with a custom logo or design for an additional cost, or include a beautiful wooden box to really make this gift a showstopper.



Moscow Mule Gift Sets - For Every BudgetUnique client gifts: Ten-In-One Ultimate Bartending Tool

Ten-in-One Ultimate Bartender Tool ($26.99 each)Moscow Mule Gift Sets - For Every Budget

Every aspiring home mixologist needs one of these Ultimate Bartender Tools in his or her back pocket. Complete with a muddler, knife, jigger and so much more, your clients will never have to worry about making the “perfect” cocktail again.




Unique client gifts: Samuelworld Ice Cube Tray

Large 2-Inch Cocktail Ice Cube Tray ($11.89/2 trays) 

Sure, a drinking vessel makes all the difference when sipping on a proper cocktail, but nobody ever enjoyed a lukewarm drink. These 2-inch ice cube trays are a favorite of bartenders worldwide, and now they’re readily available for anyone to use in the comfort of their own home.





Unique client gifts: Mini Copper Shot Glasses from Moscow Copper Co. The Originators of the Moscow Mule Mug

Mini Mules Copper Shot Glasses ($39 retail, $19.50-24 wholesale)

Worried all your clients have already jumped on the copper mug bandwagon? Mix things up with a fun set of four “Mini Mule” Copper Shot Glasses. These pint-sized mugs make the perfect addition to any bar and can even be used for miniature cocktails if the idea of straight shots is just a little too much to handle. The best part? These can also be personalized with custom engraving to make your gift that much more special.




Unique client gifts: Copper Bar Tools from the Originators of the Moscow Mule Mug.

Copper Bar Tools – Lime Squeezer, Bar Spoon, Jigger, Bottle Opener ($15-25 retail, $7-12 wholesale)

Every home bar deserves some elegant copper bar tools like this copper lime squeezer, bar spoon, jigger and bottle opener. Pick one for the perfect small token of appreciation or purchase all four for the ultimate client gift set.





Unique client gifts: VonShef Premium Copper French Cocktail SetMoscow Mule Gift Sets - For Every Budget
Copper French Cocktail Set with Recipe Guide ($34.99)

An elegant collection of the most coveted bar tools and recipes, this is a client gift that will be sure to impress. To really amp up the “wow” factor, pair the set with an original copper mug or two. Your client will have the nicest looking home bar on the block!





Custom Engraved Copper Mugs from the Originators of the Moscow Mule, Moscow Copper Co.




Unique client gifts: 100% Original Moscow Mule Mugs 2-Pack.

100% Original Copper Moscow Mule Mug 2-Pack with Wooden Gift Box ($89 retail, $29.90-33.90 wholesale)

Any cocktail-lover knows that drinks are best enjoyed with friends. Gift your clients this beautiful 2-pack of original copper mugs (or opt for the hammered look) and they’ll never have to drink a mule alone. They’ll also be delivered in a gorgeous wooden box, perfect for storing and displaying their wares.




Unique client gifts: Aromatic Cocktail Bitters Collection

Aromatic Cocktail Bitters Collection ($56.97)

The perfect addition to countless cocktail recipes, bitters are the “it” ingredient in the mixology world right now. Any client who loves a masterfully created drink will get a kick out of playing with this hand-picked selection of some of the most popular variations on the scene today, and mix up some delicious beverages to boot!





Unique client gifts: Copper Pitcher. The Originators of the Moscow Mule Mug.


Hammered Copper Pitcher ($89 retail, $40 wholesale)

While individual servings of cocktails are great, batch cocktails meant for a crowd are even better. This hammered copper pitcher can be used to mix up a Mega Mule or other multi-serving drink so your clients can entertain a crowd without spending the entire time slaving away behind the bar.





Unique client gifts: Personalized - Custom American White Oak Aging BarrelMoscow Mule Gift Sets - For Every Budget

Personalized Oak Barrel ($59.95)

Whether your client fancies aging his or her own liquor or simply has a favorite brand they want to keep a good stock of, this personalized oak barrel is a fun, unique gift that will surely stand out. Customize the barrel with your company logo, a special message, or your client’s name to truly make it one-of-a-kind.





Unique client : 6 Bottle Liquor Caddy DispenserMoscow Mule Gift Sets - For Every Budget6-Bottle Bar Caddy Liquor Dispenser ($54.99)

Any cocktail aficionado will appreciate this easy way to store and dispense their favorite bottles of booze. The 1 ½ – ounce pours are perfect for shots and mixed drinks alike, and let’s not forget how impressive this fancy rig looks gracing any bar or kitchen counter.





Unique client gifts: Copper Hammered Flask

Hammered Copper Flask ($99 retail, $39-45 wholesale)

Let’s face it, there are plenty of occasions where you (and your clients) want to take your booze on-the-go, and you want to look good doing it. This classy hammered copper flask will be the talk of any wedding or family get-together, no matter what your clients put inside.








Unique client gifts: 100% Original Moscow Mule Mugs 4-Pack. The Originators of the Moscow Mule Mug100% Original Copper Moscow Mule Mug 4-Pack with Wooden Gift Box ($149 retail, $54.90-59.90 wholesale)

If you want your clients to be able to really throw a great party, ensure they have the means to do so with this 4-pack of the original copper (or hammered) Moscow Mule mug. This larger set is also shipped in a beautiful wooden gift box and can be customized with your own personal message, logo or the client’s initials. With a gift like this, don’t be surprised if the recipient is inviting you over for cocktail hour.





Unique client gifts: 12 Piece mixed cocktail kitMoscow Mule Gift Sets - For Every Budget12-Piece Mixed Drink Cocktail Kit ($109)

Mixology beginners and aficionados alike will get a kick out of this comprehensive cocktail kit full of all the latest tools and hip ingredients, plus a fun recipe book titled Contraband Cocktails. All packaged up in a convenient wooden gift box, client gift giving has never been easier (or tastier.)



Unique client gifts: Copper Bucket. The Originators of the Moscow Mule Mug.Hammered Copper Ice Bucket ($149)

Why not venture a little out of the traditional client gift box with this beautiful hammered copper ice bucket? When it comes to high-quality beverage products, the folks at Moscow Copper Co. know how it’s done, and this ice bucket is no exception. Like many of the other products we’ve listed, this one can also be customized with your own personal design or message.





Unique client gifts: Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Moscow Mule Gift Sets - For Every Budget

Personalized Whisky Decanter Set ($119.98)

While we’re somewhat partial to vodka for our Moscow Mules, we certainly wouldn’t object to this stunning whisky decanter and matching glassware gracing our wet bar. Classy and sophisticated, this is a gift your clients will undoubtedly put to good use after a long day at the office.




Unique client gifts: Cocktail Carrying Case

Moscow Mule Gift Sets - For Every Budget

Insulated Two-Bottle Travel Cocktail Set with Mahogany Carrying Case ($179.99)

If you’re really looking to splurge on your client gifts this year, this elegant travel cocktail set is the answer. The leather carrying case is easy to tote around, yet roomy enough inside to house two bottles of liquor, glassware and all your essential bar tools. Your clients won’t want to leave the house without it!




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