Moscow Mule Freeze Pops by FrutaPOP


That iconic summer treat of your childhood just got a grownup redesign, and we couldn’t be more excited!

The team over at FrutaPOP, makers of delightfully boozy frozen treats, have just teamed up with the Moscow Copper Co. on a new version of the Moscow Mule, and we guarantee it’s unlike any you’ve ever experienced before.

That’s right: the geniuses at FrutaPOP have turned the Moscow Mule into a delicious frozen POP treat; The Moscow Mule Pop!

Moscow Mule Pops - Frozen Treats from FrutaPOP & Moscow Copper!

For those that might be skeptical of such an offering, thinking of syrupy, overly-sweetened frozen pops as an unfit vehicle for this noble cocktail, FrutaPOP haven’t just taken a Moscow Mule and frozen it. They’ve done it right, using all-natural ingredients with no added sugars, and the finest Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

The result is a Moscow Mule that’s refreshing, elegant, and ready to be dispensed without the fuss and mess of making a cocktail from scratch. Even the packaging features elegant minimalist labelling, meaning you can serve this take on a childhood treat to even the most discerning Mule drinker.

Though the possibilities are endless when it comes to this bold new consumption frontier, here are just a few ideas:

  • Send guests home with a few unfrozen pops as party favors.
  • Pack your cooler with pops to keep everything cold, and enjoy them after!
  • Turn them into Mule cubes, chilling your traditional Moscow Mule without diluting any of the flavor.
  • Keep a case on hand during the holidays for when people pop by. This is a great, low ABV product option for surprise guests.
  • Bring a case for the host of your next party, these are a great alternative to traditional offerings and are sure to get a conversation started!
  • Though we can’t condone public consumption, just think of the possibilities that a ‘mobile Mule’ offers. (Parks! Tailgates! Your kid’s soccer game!)

Moscow Mule Pops - Frozen Treats from FrutaPOP & Moscow Copper!

You can pick up FrutaPOP’s Moscow Mules in 12, 24, 48 packs in their online shop. Just be sure to fight the urge to consume this childhood treat with child-like abandon and consume responsibly.