Mule News: Macallan Mini Sells For $4,387.00 At Auction

A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

At nearly triple the auction estimate, a 50ml ‘mini’ bottle of Macallan 1937 fetched a staggering price of $4387 USD this past weekend.

The dram, which was distilled in 1937, bottled in 1969, and re-bottled in 2002, had never before been seen on the auction market since it was purchased by an unknown collector nearly 50 years ago.

Increasingly, the auction market for whiskey is booming, and this astonishing price for a single drink’s worth seems to prove the market hasn’t yet reached its limit when it comes to rare and unique offerings. Though the clear downside to this red-hot market is the increasing likelihood that these stunning spirits will never be consumed; merely bought, held, and sold at a profit, not unlike a stock.