Mule News: Ketel One Debuts New ‘Botanical’ Vodka

Gin’s Long-Lost Cousin Is Here

Dutch vodka brand Ketel One has been making premium vodka for over 150 years, so for many it might come as a surprise that they’ve ventured off the beaten path with their new infused line of ‘Botanical’ vodkas.

Distilled at a low-proof and then infused with various herbs, one might ask what, exactly, makes this any different from Gin? The answer is in the fact that they take their tried and true Ketel One vodka and then slow-infuse it with various botanical recipes. Unlike gin and flavored vodkas, which are essentially grain alcohol with flavoring added, this is first and foremost a vodka, it just happens to have been ‘tweaked’ after the fact.

Clocking in at only 30% ABV, the new line will feature three distinct recipes: Grapefruit & Rose, Peach & Orange Blosson, and Cucumber & Mint.

Ketel One Botanicals is launching with a media rollout and splashy parties (such as June 9th event with Goop on Global Wellness Day). It will be featured in select bars such as New York’s Stanton Social, Chicago’s The Godfrey and Kiki On the River in Miami.