HUSTLER Vodka Marks The Expansion of Larry Flynt’s Empire into Spirits

For Those That Might Want Their Martini Even Dirtier

Larry Flynt has been many things in his life: farm hand, Navy man, pornographer, born-again Christian and an often controversial defender of the U.S. Constitution. Now with the debut of his HUSTLER brand vodka, he can add distiller to the list.

With so many people getting into the vodka scene these days, it makes sense that a man who’s very name is tied to visions of excess, freedom and wild times would get into the game. It makes even more sense considering that Larry was born the son of a moonshiner deep in the hills of Magoffin County, Kentucky.

In addition to HUSTLER’s Clubs, Casinos, the magazines and the retail chain of HUSTLER Hollywood, HUSTLER ultra-premium vodka is the spirit crafted with all things that define the man behind the brand in mind. Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon, it begins with all-natural corn, using only the finest kernels selected from each harvest. For their water, they looked to the snow-capped Cascade Mountains to provide some of the world’s purest; filtered through ancient lava rocks to eons before being put to work in the stills. It is then further distilled 5 times until a 190 proof liquor is created.

Once blended down to 80 proof, they filter HUSTLER Vodka 11 times to remove any remaining impurities. The result is a vodka that’s crisp, smooth, and naturally gluten-free. Perfect for mixing or just straight-up, HUSTLER Vodka is available now at fine retailers.