Mule News: High Style Launches Alcohol-Free THC Craft Beer

Because There's More Than One Way To Get High, Baby!

Many tout the legalization of cannabis as a ‘death knell’ for alcohol sales, particularly with the advent of alcohol-free, thc-infused drinks. While that remains to be seen, it’s still interesting to see what kind of offerings the cannabis industry is coming out with in terms of beverages. It should come as no surprise that many have elected to infuse recipe’s more familiar to those that drink alcohol. Case in point: High Style Brewing’s Coastal Haze, a de-alcoholized beer that features a buzzy 10mg of THC per can.

The brew itself uses cascade and amarillo hops to create a fruity, citrus-forward taste. Thanks to the lack of alcohol, each 12oz can only contains 50 calories, which is more than manageable if calorie-counting is your thing. The alcohol-free recipe is then infused with 10mg of THC extract, which should give most imbibers a healthy buzz within 20-30 minutes of consumption.