Drink American: 5 Amazing American Craft Vodkas

Perfect Pours For The 4th Of July

Over the course of the year, we’ve featured some amazing craft vodkas from across the nation. We thought we’d showcase 5 of the finest and most interesting vodkas to be made right here in the U.S. of A.

1. Our/Vodka
Our/Vodka is a unique company because their ethos is that vodka truly is a vehicle for a unique local flavor: specifically the water in any given place. This is why they’ve elected to not just have one distillery at a single water source, but distilleries across america and around the world, each producing its own unique version of Our/vodka.

Whether it’s Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit, or the recently opened Our/New York, each bottle features locally sourced ingredients and water for a distinct drinking experience.

2. Fugu Vodka
A cult figure in the Southern California microbrewery scene, Ballast Point made its name as a scrappy upstart brewery that was producing some of the most interesting beers out there (they’ve since been bought for $1 Billion). From their passion for brewing came a passion for distilling, and Cutwater Spirits was born.

One of their flagship products is Fugu Vodka, named after the poisonous blowfish sought after by sushi lovers. Although made from a mixture of different grains, the corn in the mash provides a distinct sweetness that balances out the palate nicely, while still finishing super-clean.

3. Tito’s Vodka
Many might be surprised to find Tito’s Vodka on this list, but the fact of the matter is that it’s a damned good vodka with the kind of success story that’s uniquely American. The founder, Tito Beveridge got his start in oil and gas exploration, eventually ending up in the mortgage business in Austin. Out of necessity and curiosity, he decided to get into the burgeoning craft spirits business. Beveridge had no experience in any aspect of the distillation process, and was unknowingly starting the first distillery in Texas since Prohibition. He did it, though, and his corn-based vodka went on to win Double Gold and was named a unanimous favorite at the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2001.

4. Barr Hill Vodka
Started by longtime beekeeper Todd Hardie in Hardwick, Vermont, Caledonia Spirits has quickly made a name for itself by creating some of the most interesting products out there, particularly their Barr Hill Vodka.

The base for this vodka is pure honey, which is most notable for the fact that it’s incredibly labor intensive to produce a small amount, let along the huge amounts needed to make a single bottle of vodka. After a slow, cold fermentation, it’s passed through a column still and then blended with water to get it to the standard 80 proof (40 percent alcohol).

Although the aroma and mouthfeel of the honey are unmistakable, the vodka isn’t sweet per se. It’s been staking up awards like cord wood, so we highly suggest you pick up a bottle.

5. OYO Vodka
As exciting as many non-traditional vodkas may be, the fact remains that we’re a sucker for the classics, and OYO Vodka (pronounced oh-why-oh) is truly a modern classic. Made specifically from organically grown Ohio soft red winter wheat, they use a specially made still that requires only one pass before they blend it own to proof. The result is a vodka that has legs like the finest wine and flavor to match.