Mule News: Carvel Releases Stout Inspired By ‘Fudgie The Whale’

As of May 30th, a collaboration between Carvel and Captain Lawrence Brewing Company has given the child in you a more adult way to celebrate birthdays and special occasions: “Fudgie the Beer.” Yes, that’s right. Carvel’s nostalgia-heavy Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake is now a beer.

According to the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company site, this new chocolate stout beer is “brewed with Carvel signature chocolate crunchies and fudge.” Fudgie the Beer’s flavor is described as having “smooth cocoa notes with a roasted crunchies finish.” Though we haven’t tasted the beer for ourselves, we can say that stout is probably the only alcoholic vehicle that could appropriately convey the sugary complexity of Fudgie.

The collaboration between Carvel and Captain Lawrence, both with roots in New York’s Hudson Valley, came about when Carvel approached Captain Lawrence with the idea of co-creating a beer float-type beverage.