Mule News: Busch Launches Scavenger Hunt For ‘Free Beer For Life’

In The Words Of Barney Gumble: "Just Hook It To My Veins!"

The hidden, rustic setting of Busch’s activation and tie-in with the National Forest Foundation reinforces its positioning as the beer of the great outdoors. The brand said its commitment to plant a hundred trees in a U.S. national forest is part of parent Anheuser-Busch’s continuing commitment to creating “a better world.”

Busch launched an earlier campaign with the National Forest Foundation that involved a similar scavenger hunt on social media as a kind of precursor to the Pop Up Schop. In that effort, Busch marked six trees in U.S. national forests with medallions and shared clues about their whereabouts across the brand’s social channels. The first person to find and post a photo of at least one of the six trees won a year of free Busch beer