Black-Eyed Susan: The Official Cocktail Of The Preakness Stakes

No Matter Who You Bet On, This Cocktail's A Winner

A few weeks ago, we featured the Mint Julep, a cocktail most closely tied with the iconic Kentucky Derby horse race.

Though clearly the most famous beverage associated with the sport, it might interest our readers to know that each race of the famed Triple Crown has its own signature cocktail, and this Saturday, with the 151st running of the Preakness Stakes, it’s the Black-Eyed Susan.

Named for the flowers that are draped over the back of the winning horse, this cocktail is probably unfamiliar to all but the most dedicated cocktail drinkers. It’s an especially interesting cocktail in that in combines two spirits in equal measure: the primary being vodka, and the additional element being whiskey or rum (there’s no traditional one, it’s purely a question of personal preference). It’s a delightfully boozy cocktail that – thanks to the use of orange juice and sour mix – is dangerously drinkable. So this Saturday, why not raise a glass as you cheer the field on?


    • – 1 Part Vodka


    • – 1 Part Rum or Bourbon Whiskey


    • – 1 Part Pineapple Juice


    • – 2 Parts Orange Juice


    • – 2 Parts Sour Mix


    – Orange Slice & Maraschino Cherry For Garnish


    • – Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.


    • – Shake well.


    • – Strain over crushed ice in a tall glass.


    – Garnish with an orange slice and a cherry.

This recipe is listed in ‘parts’ mainly so it’s easy to adapt to whatever volume you might need to make. If the above recipe is made with a ‘part’ representing an ounce, this makes a 7oz drink, which with the ice will fill a standard tall drinks glass.

Just make sure to keep the ingredients in proportion to retain the balance of flavors.