Mule News: Belvedere Releases ‘Single Estate Rye’ Vodka

Tackling The Notion Of 'Terroir'

Though the notion of terroir – that the land itself lends a distinct flavor – is most commonly associated with wine, Belvedere is making a bet that it can also be discovered in vodka, of all things.

Belvedere’s answer to the terroir question comes in the form of two Single Estate Rye releases, one from the Lake Bartężek region and the other from Smogóry Forest, in the west of Poland. Both are crafted from the same strain of Dankowskie Diamond rye. In addition to the lake vs. forest differences, Lake Bartężek has long, windy and snowy growing season, with the rye buried under snow for almost 3 months, while Smogóry Forest winters are much milder by comparison.

Both are available in limited edition 1L bottles starting June 12th.