Ballast Point Introduces Moscow Mule Inspired Ale

A Beer Worthy of Breaking The Iron Curtain

Ballast Point has long been a true beer-geeks brewery; creating interesting, exciting brews with a level of craftsmanship relatively rare for an outfit of their size and scope. This probably has a lot to do with the brand having originated in the back of a ‘Home Brew Mart’ brewing supply store: experimental beers are in the companies DNA. From these humble origins, Ballast Point has gone on to become one of the largest breweries in California. But this isn’t to say they’re content on churning out the hits and counting the money, because despite their size and secure position on the marketplace, the brand still proudly maintains the creative and experimental spirit of those initial backroom brews. Their release calendar is extensive, featuring countless seasonal and limited edition batches, many of which are both coveted and collected by beer geeks across the U.S.

One of the ways they’ve maintained this dogged pursuit of invention is through their San Diego tasting room, which also acts as a de facto R&D facility. The brewery currently makes over 100 unique R&D recipes a year, each with innovation and quality in mind. Small batches get turned out to the public for tasting, and the master brewers get an unedited look at what the beer drinking public has an appetite for. Well, the public spoke, and their new Moscow Mule Ale is a tried and true hit.

This 10 percent ABV ale is a tart and refreshing beer interpretation of the classic Moscow Mule cocktail. Featuring healthy doses of lime zest and ginger over the foundation of a kettle-soured base beer, this creation is more than just a passing nod to the drink: its got tangy and effervescent flavors, followed by a hint of ginger spiciness on the finish. Those that might balk at a 10 percent ABV beer should note that it’s essential to giving the beer a true Mule character. This isn’t just some 5 percent brew that’s been jacked up with lime and ginger, this is a carefully crafted recipe. And like all fans of a well-made Moscow Mule should know, a boozy kick is a big part of what makes a Mule so appealing. Poured into a chilled copper mug with a wedge of lime? Well that sounds like the a pretty perfect summer drink to us.

The Moscow Mule Ale is a spring/summer limited release under Ballast Point’s Explorer series, and is now rolling out nationwide in both draft and 12 oz. bottles. You can head to their limited release section to get more info on availability in your area.