Mule News: Anchor Steam Is Finally Available In Cans

And Not Just Any 'Cans', But 19.02oz 'Tubes'

San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Co. is and remains one of the countries most well-known craft breweries. Hell, they were doing the ‘craft’ thing before there was even a name for hit: they just called it ‘brewing’.

For fans of their Anchor Steam Beer, the feeling of their subtly shaped bottle – think a hybrid of a stubby and a classic long-neck – has long been a big part of their brand. But the fact remains is that sometimes you don’t want a bottle: they’re heavy, they can only get so big, they break.

Enter the new Anchor Steam Beer ‘tube’. Clocking in at 19.02oz’s, this can is the perfect go-anywhere way to enjoy a hearty serving of your favorite beer.