Five Very Strange Drinking By-Laws From Around The World

After All, Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse

As with any great legal system, the movement of time and the updating of laws isn’t always reflected in real-time. Old rules stay on the books, having long outlived the era they were created in, and for obvious reasons, laws related to the silly actions people might embark on after a few are legion.

Here are some of our favorite – and strangest – drinking related by-laws.

1. It’s Illegal To Get A Moose Drunk In Alaska
Should you happen to find yourself in Alaska when a moose happens by, it’s best not to offer him up a pull from your flask. The crime here isn’t even over-serving the beast, but simply offering it the chance to imbibe. Though it stands to reason that it would take an enormous amount of alcohol to get a moose drunk, one can appreciate that 1500lbs of intoxicated animal is probably no picnic to deal with.

2. You Can’t Watch Your Drink Get Made in Utah

Though there is an exception for establishments opened since 2009, the law in Utah requires that a ‘Zion Curtain’ be erected around any area where cocktails are mixed. Most often literally a curtain or a frosted glass partition, this unique piece of decor stems to the states deep and strong ties to Mormonism. Hopefully it doesn’t mean that your bartender is swapping in some rail brands and charging you for the good stuff.

3. Paying A Fine In The Form Of Alcohol

The Scottish have some sacred traditions, one of them being the iconic garb that is the kilt. And sure, we’ve all heard plenty of kilt jokes based around the idea that one ‘goes commando’ beneath the tartan, but the fact of the matter is that these gentleman might not have a choice.

If you’re caught wearing underwear beneath your kilt you have to pay a fine: two beers. That’s right, this is a law that is literally on the books to stock the coffers of local government with fresh ale.

4. Sooners Love Their Warm Beer

Oklahoma state law prohibits the sale of any beer 4% ABV and above (which is basically any beer worth drinking—we’re looking at you, Amstel Light!), at anything under room temperature. So if you’re looking for a cold brew in the Sooner State, you better head to the bar or your own fridge, because you won’t find anything good at the store.

5. If You Drink, Don’t Horseback Ride

We’d love to hear the story about the event that set off this law making it into the books, but in the fine state of Colorado it’s illegal to ride a horse while intoxicated. Though there is a certain logic to this, one of the most interesting fact is that getting caught means proceeding with the same kind of prosecution experienced by people who drink and drive. You can lose your license if you elect to ride a horse blotto.