5 Fantastic Ginger Beers To Try In 2019

Our Selections From Subtle, To Full Spice.

The foundation of any truly great Moscow Mule is a quality Ginger Beer. Full stop.

The thing is, not all ginger beers are created equal, which is truer now than ever before. A huge explosion of craft and brewed ginger beers have hit the market in the last few years. With flavors ranging from a five-alarm spice to relatively tame, there’s something for every palate out there.

So with that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of 5 ginger beers that we think could make your next Moscow Mule perfect.

1. Barritt’s Bermuda Ginger Beer: Now Barritt’s has quite a few ginger beer products under their belt (for those calorie-counters, try their fantastic diet option), but the standout for us is their original ginger beer in bottles. Not the fact that it’s in bottles is important, because while their canned offering is sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, their bottled uses all-natural cane sugar. The result is a more refined and less cloying taste.

2. Brooklyn Crafted Diet Ginger Beer: All the spice of the classic Extra Spicy, but with only 10 calories! To keep it all natural, they’ve sweetened it with organic Stevia leaf extract. For a long time a diet ginger beer was almost impossible to come by, and an extra-spicy option is (in our opinion) a gift from the Moscow Mule Gods.

3. Maine Root Spicy Ginger Brew: Maine Root Ginger Brew is made with certified organic cane juice as the primary ingredient, and is not for the weak or timid. This one packs a mule kick worth of Ginger! Maine Root Root beer not only tastes great, it does good too.

4. Zevia Mixer Ginger Beer: Zevia’s sugar-free Zevia Mixers are one of our favorite options for any cocktail here at the Mule blog! With all the bold taste you want from a ginger beer without the sugar and calories, Zevia Ginger Beer delivers that spicy ginger kick you crave. Slightly citrusy, our zero calorie mixer is perfect for a Moscow Mule or a Dark and Stormy.

5. Americana Ginger Beer: Sip on this blend of ginger and honey, with just enough heat to warm the back of your throat. This refreshing soda can be used as mixer with your favorite spirit or on its own. Made with pure cane sugar and bottled in long neck glass bottles for a flavor that can’t be beat.