5 American Craft Vodkas You’ve Never Heard Of

Over the past decade, the success enjoyed by U.S.-based vodka brands such as SKYY, Tito’s and Hangar 1 set the stage for what is now a full-blown craft vodka gold rush in this country. Industrious distillers are scouring the country far and wide, finding the purest waters and the finest – and most unique – ingredients out there to create some truly unique and home-grown vodkas.

Corbin Vodka:
For a truly unique vodka experience, you have to try Corbin. Without a doubt, this is a clear vodka unlike any you have tried and it all comes from the sweet potato.

It requires 10 pounds of raw sweet potatoes to create every bottle of Corbin Vodka and every spud is grown on the family estate. The Souza’s are farmers turned distillers who have created a fantastic farm-to-bottle vodka that is the first of its kind and a genuine experience.

The vodka is exceptional. It is sweet and has hints of caramel and a perfect nuttiness that is very enjoyable. Corbin is just as good in cocktails as any other vodka, so mix to your heart’s content.

St. Augustine Florida Cane Vodka:
St. Augustine Distillery Co. Florida Cane Vodka is pot distilled from 100% Florida-farmed sugar cane, and was awarded a Double-Gold medal by ©TheFiftyBest.com in their “Best Domestic Vodka” contest. Cuts are made by hand, ensuring only the best quality spirit goes in each bottle of this super premium small batch Florida Cane Vodka. This distillation process creates a spirit free from impurities, producing an incredibly smooth vodka with hints of green apple, white pepper, and molasses.

Square One Vodka:
Around the time of Square One’s debut on the market, the term organic brought up thoughts of over-priced food and drink that were often unworthy of the cost. It was the quality of products like this vodka that helped re-shape our attitudes.

Square One Organic Vodka is a clean, smooth vodka that you want to drink on its own. It revolutionized what I thought organic could be while staying competitive on price with other premium vodkas.

This vodka is distilled from North Dakota rye and boasts a certified organic fermentation process, which is not an easy task. The water is sourced from the clean aquifers of Wyoming’s Tetons, and every aspect of the vodka’s production has an environmentally friendly aspect.

44 North Vodka:
One of the leaders in the American craft vodka movement, 44˚ North Vodka keeps a relatively low profile, but inside each of these bottles is a vodka that is filled with spirit.

44˚ North Vodka is distilled from the famous Burbank and Russet potatoes of its home state of Idaho. Using a five-column still and Rocky Mountain spring water, the vodka is the pure essence of a well-crafted potato vodka and one of the best produced in the U.S. today

Hanson of Sonoma Vodka:
Hanson of Sonoma — based in, of course, Sonoma, California — distills its vodkas from the most abundant product around these parts: grapes. Using a massive 50-plate column still, it runs its spirits through seven filtering systems before bottling them in snazzy, artisan-looking bottles (all of which are signed and numbered).

Hanson of Sonoma is sold in six expressions (one straight, five flavored with organic infusions — no syrups or concentrates). We tried five of the six vodkas available — all but the boysenberry version.

All expressions are 80 proof, and all are from batch