Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Vodka

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Amazing Things You Never Knew About Vodka

1. It’s Less Likely To Give You A Hangover
This one may sound like an old-wives tale, but there’s some sound science behind it. Anyone who’s read the Mule Blog will notice that we talk a lot about the ‘purity’ and ‘clarity’ of our favorite spirits, and with good reason: Vodka is one of the most unadulterated spirits out there. Other spirits – though packed with more easily discernible flavors – are loaded with taste-making ‘Congeners’. Though these chemical-packed flavors have their value, they’re extremely hard for your liver to break down, piling up in your system with each successive cocktail like a traffic jam. The result? That jackhammer hangover you find yourself suffering from in the AM.

2. You Can Filter Your Way To Better Vodka At Home
You can thank the industrious and thrifty drinking habits of the college crowd for discovering this little DIY tidbit. As we all know, a huge component of the final product when it comes to producing vodka is the filtering, with some brands treating their spirits up to 20 times through various contraptions. In this instance, all you need is a bottle of bargain basement vodka and a Brita filter (note: this could be a fun addition to your next vodka tasting, a before and after). Simply run the vodka through their patended charcoal filter no less than two times and marvel as much of the harsh tones and unsavory elements are captured and strained out. You’re not going to turn a bottle of rot-gut into ultra premium, but every little bit helps.

3. Vodka Is Something Distillers Can ‘Corrected’
People will always find a shortcut in the name of economy, and vodka is no exception. In many economy brands – and even some premium ones – the final spirit’s flavor profile will be ‘corrected’ with the addition of citric acid, glycerin or sugar to give it a smoother, more palatable taste. Granted, these elements are added in minute amounts, but if you’re looking for a tried and true ‘pure’ vodka experience it’s worth doing a little research and finding a brand that isn’t taking any shortcuts to drinkability.

4. Vodka Can Be Used As An Antiseptic
First things first: we here at the Mule Blog are not doctors nor do we claim to be. That being said, in a pinch vodka can be used to not only sterilize surfaces, but also stave off infection should you happen to injure yourself. Because of it’s relatively high alcohol content and lack of additional cogeners or flavoring elements, it’s long been a favorite drink and potentially lifesaving tool for those who venture beyond the reach of emergency medical care.

5. Unlike Wine, It Doesn’t Get Better With Age
If there was ever a reason to drink more, this is it: vodka actually has a shelf life. Though most of us have images of our grandparents liquor cabinets redolent with pre-war (pick a war, any war) offerings, the fact of the matter is that vodkas flavor and texture starts to deteriorate over time. The general rule of thumb is to consume your vodka within 12 months of purchasing it to get the most accurate taste of what the distiller has created.

6. You Can Literally Drink To Your Health
Because of it’s antiseptic properties and purity, vodka – when consumed in moderation – has actually been proven to do things like lower cholesterol and fight-off fever. In fact, in many Scandinavian cultures, low-sugar cold pills like Fisherman’s Friend are dissolved in a bottle of vodka and kept on hand in the freezer. The highly medicinal vodka infusion it produces is taken to help ease the hardship of having a cold.